Are You A Preschool Teacher? – Check These Art & Craft Activities

Being a preschool teacher is a kind of job that keeps a person always on toes. Always the teacher tends to think of a better day for their kids than the previous, an assured learning than the earlier classes and a thirst to come to school every day for the fun that is incorporated in every session. For such a learning made with fun and taught with activities needs a lot of preparation for the teacher. Every day he/she strives with a lot of brain storming as to what new they can bring into their classes. The reason is children usually get bored of routine very easily that which becomes tough to expect an active participation from them in every class.

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The ideas

Spoon family – Ask kids to get materials like one big kitchen wooden spoon, yarn, glue, markers and buttons. Take the spoon and glue the yarn which represents hair, buttons the eyes and marker can draw a nose and mouth. A spoon person is now made. Encourage them to make more spoon people like a family and create a story upon that.

Circle Bear – Instruct kids to get a brown construction papers, glue, white chart paper and markers. Make them draw circles big, medium, and small. Also make them draw semicircles in smaller size. Make them fix the medium circle with glue on the white chart paper as head, the big circle as the body, small circles as paw, smaller semicircles as foot and ears. Allow them to draw eyes, nose and mouth with markers and ask them to say a few sentences over that.

Handmade fan – All your kids need to bring is paper, crayons, glue and scissors (under the teacher guidance). Make them draw a fan of their imagination and allow them to cut the shape under the guidance of teacher and co-teacher. Ask them to glue the panels to rod made of paper and colour them.

Why activities? – The article helps all those teachers struggling with creative ideas and helps them engage kids with all new activities in every session every day. Also, many schools made it mandatory to incorporate activity based learning such that it helps a kid to concentrate and learn easily. For instance, preschool education in Singapore is mostly activity based such that kids find it interesting and grasp the concept easily. These are those ideas related to art and craft where it involves 100% active participation of the kids helps them incorporate values like team work, leadership and positive attitude in accomplishing the task.