Merits of a Good Daycare centre

There are many parents who prefer to put their toddlers in a daycare centre since a good facility provides a well-structured ambiance. The daycare centres are monitored closely through checking their licenses to ensure they are following the prescribed rules. In many cases, their operation is closely supervised so that they can function in a hassle-free manner. Mothers belonging to the low-income groups are the ones who can benefit the most by sending their babies to a good daycare centre.
Here are some of the most important merits offered by good childcare centres in Singapore.
Mothers can be tension free

Many working moms do not quite like the idea of employing a nanny for their babies. If they do, they always try to find out how their babies are doing by calling up. Instead of getting stressed out about whether the nanny can manage the baby or not, many prefer to put their toddlers in a good daycare centre.
Clear rules are followed

A good daycare centre usually has well-defined rules that the parents need to adhere to. These rules may include time to drop off the baby and the time for her pickup from the centre. There are rules laid down not only for the parents but also for the kids so that they lead a disciplined lifestyle within the premises of the centre. Since the time to drop off and pickup is usually fixed, parents can interact with others to discuss on how to take care of their toddlers properly.
Assurance of better care
The arrangement in a good daycare facility is much more organized and stable as compared to leaving your baby with a nanny or with your relatives. This is possible since a good daycare centre will agree to take care of your child irrespective of whether its teachers or staff are unwell or too tired to work.
Trained staff members
A good daycare centre usually hires trained staff members who are well conversed with early education curriculum. As a result, they have the necessary expertise to identify what can be expected from a child and accordingly nurture his skills and personality. In case you find that the daycare centre you are planning to select does not employ knowledgeable employees, it is better to hunt for a different centre. A good daycare centre will give a great mix of useful activities for your kids like storytelling sessions, dancing, painting and singing among others.
Toddlers will become more social
Your toddler will get an opportunity to interact with children of the same age group in a daycare centre and that can make them much more social than they were before. They will not get a similar chance to mingle if nannies look after them.

The Necessity Of Early Childhood Education

Finding a babysitter at the last moment can be a drag for parents. Ditto with keeping their child occupied while they attend to the daily chores or work at the office. The Singapore playgroup is the answer (for the playgroup experience) as kids engage in a greater learning curve for the future. Aside from this most imperative need, especially today, kids also have a great time in this safe environment. The early education that children get at the group caters to social interaction, creative talents, painting and drawing, recitation, nursery rhymes, some knowledge of numbers and the letters of the alphabet. In making the educative process interactive, kids automatically respond favourably.

There is a necessity in early childhood education because it paves the way for admission to a good quality school. It also opens doors to a learning experience unlike any other that a child may never have the opportunity for, at present or in the future. By learning the art of communicating in a language that is common to all in the class, children involuntarily respond positively. For instance, in a playgroup setting, when the teacher calls out the name of a single student and asks her to speak about her or his weekend, it gets the child talking. This continues with the next and the next and so on, and so forth. In doing this basic exercise, the kids in the class may even dialogue.

A Singapore playgroup is an ideal preschool to enrol your kids because they have their policies in place. In knowing the needs of kids, and by going the mile in getting them engaged in arts and craft, makes the educative journey a fun learning curve. Kids always respond to colours and a kind tone. Using this as a method, the educators at this fine play-school ensure that the time spent is well spent.

Children learn how to count, to read a little and even spell. In making the exercise interactive, children automatically answer questions. Aside from the indoor activities, kids also have fun outside. The school is well maintained and has a wide range of activities to keep the kids happy and grounded. While playing outside, kids have to take it in turns to use equipment, like the swing, for a short while so that every child gets a chance. Learning to share is one of the prime values that one can learn in life. Sometimes adults forget this, and many a time, children actually remind them of this basic nicety.

How Has Kindergarten Changed over the Years?

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If today’s parents think that kindergarten is completely different from the time when they were in school, they may be right. Many parents who have a little one going to kindergarten are undeniably surprised at the vast difference in the curriculum. They wish to send their child to the best kindergarten – Singapore or any other country – it doesn’t matter, but they want the best for their kids.

Nevertheless, times have changed a lot and it’s crucial that parents understand what’s expected from their kindergartner so that they can start preparing for the forthcoming school year and plan accordingly.

Gone are the days when you had your fun-filled experience as a kindergartner – you might remember it as a time of excitement and fun with not much of learning. You probably had story time, circle time, playtime, naptime, recess, music, art, and more. You might have started learning your alphabets and rhymes here at school – apart from that, you might not remember much of learning anything more. But, things are not the same today.

On the contrary, today’s kindergartners learn writing, reading, math, science, English, and a second language. They know what assignment or homework is. The days are divided into reading time, instructions time, computer time, free time, and other such partitions. The whole day concentrates on instructions and helps the kids learn and get ready for the first grade. They also have their share of fun, but not as much as the fun early kindergartners had. It’s more like the first grade that was there a decade or two ago.

Since children are compelled to learn faster and do more, kindergarten has become less of fun and more academic. The sad part is that kids who are just five years old find it difficult to focus and concentrate for too long. It’s the responsibility of the teachers to ensure that the day is divided accordingly into fun and learning. Parents also need to motivate kids accordingly and ensure that they learn everything the fun and less stressful way rather than forcing them into doing something.

Considering the way in which kindergarten has changed over the years, it’s crucial to hit the right chord and balance between nurturing the kids and challenging them to give their best – even the best kindergarten Singapore follows the same formula to develop successful kindergartners!

Are You A Preschool Teacher? – Check These Art & Craft Activities

Being a preschool teacher is a kind of job that keeps a person always on toes. Always the teacher tends to think of a better day for their kids than the previous, an assured learning than the earlier classes and a thirst to come to school every day for the fun that is incorporated in every session. For such a learning made with fun and taught with activities needs a lot of preparation for the teacher. Every day he/she strives with a lot of brain storming as to what new they can bring into their classes. The reason is children usually get bored of routine very easily that which becomes tough to expect an active participation from them in every class.

reading kids

The ideas

Spoon family – Ask kids to get materials like one big kitchen wooden spoon, yarn, glue, markers and buttons. Take the spoon and glue the yarn which represents hair, buttons the eyes and marker can draw a nose and mouth. A spoon person is now made. Encourage them to make more spoon people like a family and create a story upon that.

Circle Bear – Instruct kids to get a brown construction papers, glue, white chart paper and markers. Make them draw circles big, medium, and small. Also make them draw semicircles in smaller size. Make them fix the medium circle with glue on the white chart paper as head, the big circle as the body, small circles as paw, smaller semicircles as foot and ears. Allow them to draw eyes, nose and mouth with markers and ask them to say a few sentences over that.

Handmade fan – All your kids need to bring is paper, crayons, glue and scissors (under the teacher guidance). Make them draw a fan of their imagination and allow them to cut the shape under the guidance of teacher and co-teacher. Ask them to glue the panels to rod made of paper and colour them.

Why activities? – The article helps all those teachers struggling with creative ideas and helps them engage kids with all new activities in every session every day. Also, many schools made it mandatory to incorporate activity based learning such that it helps a kid to concentrate and learn easily. For instance, preschool education in Singapore is mostly activity based such that kids find it interesting and grasp the concept easily. These are those ideas related to art and craft where it involves 100% active participation of the kids helps them incorporate values like team work, leadership and positive attitude in accomplishing the task.