Five Tips To Get Your Child Learn Faster

It is not wise to be a pushy parent, especially if you notice that another child has learned something faster than your child. That being said, it is wise however, to impart knowledge to your child while encouraging him to retain that knowledge. At the best kindergarten in Singapore, kids are taught many subjects and are tested with their knowledge. Here are a couple of tips to help your child catch up with the rest of the class, if you notice him struggling.

Encourage and Engage

100227-N-0995C-010Encouragement works all the time and at every stage of life. If you notice that your child is attention deficit in a certain subject like addition in math, make it fun for the little one. Get him/her engaged in an exercise at home like baking a cake and add the ingredients so that s/he learns the basics of adding and subtracting.


A child who gets praise from her/his parents is ready to tackle the next clue. As you high five your child, you will see her/him get out of the gloomy state and speak his mind with animation and glee.

Add Fun to the Lesson

When you add fun to a boring subject like science or history for example, children automatically relate as the story unfolds. Using this basic method definitely ensures that your child’s learning will definitely improve faster than the speed of light.

Bring out their Talent

Whoever said that theatrics, math and music couldn’t go hand in hand? In using signs and games with funny voice-overs, encourages the little one, he will get learning ready. The idea is to bring out his talent while preparing him for school.

Failure is not a Bad Word

hr_dennisshives_2011_0012Let’s say the little one got a red mark on his report card, can you yell at him for doing so, or understand him? The latter is a better way to learn what could be the problem that he is experiencing. Sometimes a dose of reality and a kind word eggs kids on to achieve better results.

The best kindergarten in Singapore uses methods that are relatable by encouraging kids to learn and have fun at kindergarten. As they ready themselves for primary school, they get sure of themselves. They understand that education is imperative in the larger scheme of things, along with other aspects like extracurricular activities. The learning curve needs to blend well to be appreciated.