Childcare Legislation in Singapore

Laws regarding child care centers:

In the modern times, with both parents working, child care centers or day care centers have almost become a necessity. Child care centers are typically places where a child is taken care of by someone apart from the parents or any immediate family member. This service is an ongoing service for the period when the parents are out for work. This service is known by different names in different places. The laws of each country govern the child care centers that operate within their jurisdiction.

There are some common rules that all countries implement when it comes to child care centers. Any construction or renovation plans of a child care center must have prior approval from the governing bodies and the construction should be done in such a manner that the building stands strong. The care givers in child care centers should be trained in some basic traits so that they can take complete care of the children. They should always wash their hands before touching the child or anything that belongs to the child to prohibit any diseases from being transferred. Food should be supplied in such a manner that they do not get spoilt or stale. Utmost care has to be taken while cooking the food so that the child does not have any problem digesting the food.

Legislations in Singapore:

There are laws for Singapore child care centres so that no child care center can operate in a manner that is unlawful and adverse for the growth of the child. Child care centers are to follow either a half day or full day program. The care givers are to be trained according to the guidelines laid out in the Child Care Centers Act and Regulations. They should follow a basic routine pertaining to hygiene.

The care givers in Singapore child care centers should build a bond with the children, so as to be able to understand their needs to the fullest and best possibility. This way, they will be able to take the best care of any child. The care givers should also be trained to have sound knowledge about quality care so that they can take good care of the children. The care givers should be trained to keep the age of the children in mind while making decisions regarding the care given to them. Thus, these regulations in Singapore guide child care centers.