Five Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Solid Jumpstart at School in the Early Years

To get ahead in life one needs a solid education at the right place, which provides a strategic set of educative tools. Without this basic, one will lose out a great deal. Here are five reasons why children need a jumpstart in preschool to helps them get ahead of the game.


In a language rich environment, children learn to improve their vocabulary from about 500 words to over a 1000 and more. Teachers help them to sing, talk and enact their favorite characters. They are also encouraged to read aloud. This strengthens cognitive development and as he communicates with others, aside from the family, he improves his language skills.

Boosts Literary Skills Predominantly Math

Without a smattering of numbers, children can miss out on the larger scheme of thing. Since they are curious by nature, this helps them find the solution through simple ideas. With puzzles and games, they develop a thirst for mathematics. They also learn about calculating simple math without too much of an emphasis on the subject.

The Right to Choice

At preschool, children for a child is when he starts going to child care singapore . Without this basic, children may follow each other like sheep. The idea is to let the child think for himself and make decisions based on internal logic and reasoning. Of course, provided the choice does not cause him any harm. For instance, the child can decide if he wants to play ball or paint in class, but he cannot choose to be rude.

Mixing About with Others

Being around a group of kids of his own age group makes a child happy. This also provides him with the opportunity of socializing with others aside from his family. By doing so, he learns about cultural differences and imbibes social values. Learning about someone else is an education in itself. Mixing around with others is a wonderful medium of education in the formative years.

Bolster Motor Skills

Physical education and coordination are of utmost importance for anyone, more so a child who needs to develop fine motor skills. Through mixed activities like threading beads, playing catch, using the swing, playing with other kids, helps them explore new avenues. This also encourages the child to challenge himself along the way.

In addition to some of the five reasons cited above, kids need to enjoy themselves without losing their childhood. Early learning paves the way for robust development in the early years and later on in life.

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