How Has Kindergarten Changed over the Years?

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If today’s parents think that kindergarten is completely different from the time when they were in school, they may be right. Many parents who have a little one going to kindergarten are undeniably surprised at the vast difference in the curriculum. They wish to send their child to the best kindergarten – Singapore or any other country – it doesn’t matter, but they want the best for their kids.

Nevertheless, times have changed a lot and it’s crucial that parents understand what’s expected from their kindergartner so that they can start preparing for the forthcoming school year and plan accordingly.

Gone are the days when you had your fun-filled experience as a kindergartner – you might remember it as a time of excitement and fun with not much of learning. You probably had story time, circle time, playtime, naptime, recess, music, art, and more. You might have started learning your alphabets and rhymes here at school – apart from that, you might not remember much of learning anything more. But, things are not the same today.

On the contrary, today’s kindergartners learn writing, reading, math, science, English, and a second language. They know what assignment or homework is. The days are divided into reading time, instructions time, computer time, free time, and other such partitions. The whole day concentrates on instructions and helps the kids learn and get ready for the first grade. They also have their share of fun, but not as much as the fun early kindergartners had. It’s more like the first grade that was there a decade or two ago.

Since children are compelled to learn faster and do more, kindergarten has become less of fun and more academic. The sad part is that kids who are just five years old find it difficult to focus and concentrate for too long. It’s the responsibility of the teachers to ensure that the day is divided accordingly into fun and learning. Parents also need to motivate kids accordingly and ensure that they learn everything the fun and less stressful way rather than forcing them into doing something.

Considering the way in which kindergarten has changed over the years, it’s crucial to hit the right chord and balance between nurturing the kids and challenging them to give their best – even the best kindergarten Singapore follows the same formula to develop successful kindergartners!