Top Myths about International School

Though international schools are quite popular nowadays, yet there are various myths that surround them. Here are some of the top myths about international schools that have been busted.

Students of international schools are under less pressure as compared to students of other schools

This is not true at all. In fact, the students in any international school Singapore and elsewhere are evaluated on a continuous basis for monitoring their learning progress. While students of international schools are in their early secondary and primary years, they do not receive any formal assessment or examination schedules. Hence, these students should be ready at all times. On the other hand, in mainstream schools, advance notice is given to the children, which means they get time to revise their answers for the exams, leading to frequent memorization of answers.

Students in international schools have less load of homework as compared to students of mainstream schools.

Even this is not correct. On the contrary, kids in their primary years of an international school spend plenty of time learning proper grammatical structures, acquiring vocabulary skills and indulging in plenty of reading. The root cause of this particular myth is due to the fact that students in an international school spend less time in solving worksheets. Moreover, many students or parents do not consider reading as a part of their homework and yet it is a more productive way to learn new things.

Moreover, the load in secondary education in an international school is heavier as compared to the mainstream schools.  This is particularly true for all those schools that are following the IB syllabus.  In fact, those students need to spend more time and keep on inspiring themselves for completing detailed projects.

There is no discipline in an international school

This is a misconception. Though there are some international schools that may have a relaxed approach towards self-expression of the senior students, even these schools need students to be extremely disciplined with respect to self-motivation and self-organization for study. Moreover, a majority of the international schools have a strict code of conduct and even gave a zero-tolerance attach towards bad behavior and bullying.

There is an assured admission to the primary section of an international school after attending the preschool section of an international school

In reality, many kids do not show adequate proficiency to get in the primary section of an international school despite attending international preschools.