What Are The Common Child Care Assistance Options For Parents

These are unprecedented times in the lives of working parents who may need some help from external sources to take care of their children. Child care assistance is available even in terms of financial aid to help desperate parents to help their child get appropriate care. Singapore’s child care center helps parents to find various sources of assistance. The various services provided, the process of application and the eligibility required is as mentioned below.

Temporary Aid

Temporary financial or medical aid for child care can be provided under the light of various public schemes that are particularly meant for it. There are government sponsored subsidies on medical expenses and food coupons which can be applied by any family who is in need of it. Various social service, women and child welfare schemes also provide similar assistance on a temporary basis.

Temporary aid can also be found for day care facilities by utilizing various benefits provided for low income families. Parents will be invited to special counseling sessions which can help them determine the best way to give their child access to the best possible day care facilities which can provide assistance benefits.

Subsidies for Child or Infant Care

Subsidies are provided for parents who are employed or unemployed if they have enrolled their child to a infant care center which are licensed to provide assistance. Singapore’s child care center is one such licensed facility. These subsidies are covered by the Government which aim to make the child care programs more affordable. Parents cannot directly apply for these subsidies. Instead, the child care centers must submit the application to the government on their behalf. The parents should make sure that they follow the application procedure and meet the required eligibility criteria.

Subsidies for Student Care

Subsidies are provided to school-going children from low income families who attend child care facilities before and after school. The eligibility criteria is that the children must be aged between 7 and 14. The child and at least one immediate family member must be a permanent citizen of Singapore. The children should attend a MOE registered school. The combined monthly income of both the working parents must be below $3500. Otherwise, each family member must have an average income of $875. This subsidy can be applied at any child care center which has a valid registration.